Nema8 Hollow Shaft Stepper Motor

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Hollow Shaft Nema8 stepper size 20mm which has a coarse bore for air, beam, lead wire to be through. 

Holding Torque :              18mN.m
Bore :                               2.5mm
Step Angle:                      1.8 Deg
Rated Current :                0.6A per phase
Rated Voltage :                 3.9V
Inductance per Phase:  1.7mH
Resistance per Phase:  6.5 Ohms
Motor Length:                30mm
Insulation Resistance:   100M Ohm Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric Strength:        500VAC for one minute
Shaft:                             Hollow Shaft 2.5mm Inner and 5mm Outer

1.  8HY0001-7SK
nema8 hollow shaft stepper motor
2.  8HY0001-7SKC
nipple end hollow shaft stepper

3.  8HY0001-K4
4mm hollow shaft

4.  8HY0001-15SK
 8HY001-15SK, rear shaft 10mm long, front shaft 15mm, 3mm out of 5mm hollow shaft.